There are two ways of getting traffic out of search engines Search engine optimization also termed as organic search and the second way is Google Adwords also termed as paid search. May be you have heard about this two internet marketing terms and you want to appear your site on the first page of search engine to get a lot of traffic to your site but you don’t know how both works. Adword and search engine both offers traffic based on key phrases, both are used for generating traffic, but both terms have different views in the internet marketing field

Below is a beginner's guide to – differentiate between – Google Adwords and search engine optimization. Each will help you how they can help you in promoting your business online.

'Organic' search (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine ranking shows your website relevant to the keyword searched in the google search engine bar. When anyone searches a query or keyword in google search bar, google decides which site is more relevant to query on the based of its algorithm and which site to rank high among other sites having the same content.

Two things you need to know about search engine:
1) You can’t pay google to rank your website on google search results
2) You need to optimize your site to rank high in search results using search engine optimization tactics.

Search engine ranking is improved through search engine optimization tactics and SEO tactics to improve your website rank is completely free. SEO abbreviate as search engine optimization, is a tactic used to improve your ranking in search engine results to get more traffic. SEO  also makes your website content relevant to search engine keywords in which you are ranking.

'Paid' search (Google Adwords)

Google Adword is different solution gave by Google search engine, you have to pay for your Ads to Google and it will place your Ad on top or on the right side of the search engine result or its affiliate pages using Google Adsense. If you have high budget, you can target internet users and display your offer every time they search keyword relevant to your Ad. The visitor who is searching that query related to your Ad will click your Ad due to its top attractive placement on the page and after visitor click your Ad it will take directly to your website. The advertiser has to pay each time any visitor come to his site through that link.

SEO versus Adwords

  • Internet marketing experts usually suggest both to promote your business on search engine results. Even if your website rank top on google keyword results expert still recommends Adwords.
  • Adwords gives you quick results as compared to SEO, SEO takes time to develop your ranking on search engine results, and SEO is completely free as compared to Adword which charge per each click but SEO needs some expenditure to be done if you want to sustain your position in the keyword you are ranking.
  • Adward is a rapid method for getting sales which gave you short time success but SEO takes  time to improve your rank free and gave you sales for long time.
  • Edward has many ways to display your business on search engines or on other peoples' blogs and websites having the same content and related to your product
  • With same effort you can rank your keyword in many search engine results and get lots of traffic as compared to Adward


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Wednesday, 27 October 2021