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The core of success behind every business is its high quality first class product or services, Every business wants to make its services or product customer first choice among competitors. To make your product, customer first choice branding is necessary in this highly competitive world. Managing and developing a brand for your business can play a large part to achieve your company objectives,i.e. Customers “first choice” and if you want to strengthen the appearance and perception of your product offering in the customer's mind then a strong brand is needed. Good branding of your business help your customer to differentiate your product to choose over your competitors.  

OK, What is Branding?

Before explaining you why Good and strong branding is important for your businesses in this competitive world. Let me first explain you what actually branding is:

“Brand can be anything Name, sign, symbol, term, design Or combination of all these to identify the products (goods And services) of one seller and to differentiate it from others Sellers, offering the same product in a market”

This definition makes sense, that branding is not about to get success in your target market over competitors, but it is your unique identity which shows a solution to your customer problems as compared to your competitors.

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There are two ways of getting traffic out of search engines Search engine optimization also termed as organic search and the second way is Google Adwords also termed as paid search. May be you have heard about this two internet marketing terms and you want to appear your site on the first page of search engine to get a lot of traffic to your site but you don’t know how both works. Adword and search engine both offers traffic based on key phrases, both are used for generating traffic, but both terms have different views in the internet marketing field

Below is a beginner's guide to – differentiate between – Google Adwords and search engine optimization. Each will help you how they can help you in promoting your business online.

'Organic' search (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine ranking shows your website relevant to the keyword searched in the google search engine bar. When anyone searches a query or keyword in google search bar, google decides which site is more relevant to query on the based of its algorithm and which site to rank high among other sites having the same content.

Two things you need to know about search engine: 1) You can’t pay google to rank your website on google search results 2) You need to optimize your site to rank high in search results using search engine optimization tactics.

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